Trees go through a life cycle much like every other plant species, yet trees have an uncanny ability to live on through humans. Trees are omnipotent. While living, trees give oxygen, shelter, food, and much more to all surrounding organisms. This extraordinary ability to sustain goodness transcends a tree’s life and flourishes in its death. Trees, with proper care from Mother Nature and the homeowner, can live hundreds of years. And when the dreary day comes that a tree must fall, keep in mind these beautiful and useful ways to upcycle nature’s beloved being. Here are a few creative ways that you can reuse felled wood and the trunks of your trees, as provided by Northern Colorado’s trusted tree care experts here at Lumber Jack and Jill.


  • Logs can be sliced to create stools for your table or living room.
  • Slice a thin circle for a nature-themed clock.
  • Build a coffee table using three or four stacked slices.
  • Add wheels to the bottom of the stump for a rolling nightstand.
  • Supports for benches (with wooden planks as the seat).
  • Upgrade the bench to create a full wooden table.


  • Large branches make unique bed posts. Thinking of a canopy bed? Drape a leaf-inspired covering through the branches for an outdoor oasis in the comfort of your home.
  • Create a coat rack (double check that the hangars fit!).
  • Build a garden arch to grow plants such as peas and beans.
  • Make a handrail.
  • Find two similar Y-shaped branches to serve as shelf brackets.
  • Route out the end of a branch and place a tea candle inside your new candle stick. Don’t forget to seal the top to prevent burning the wood.
  • Add a sturdy foundation to a large branch for a cat tree.


  • Thin slices of small branches or twigs can be elegantly arranged into a flower pendant or necklace.
  • Twigs and branches can be compiled in a strategically tangled mangled chandelier.
  • The smallest of twigs, placed in a miniature rectangle can be a unique belt buckle.

Call on us here at Jack & Jill’s Tree Service for a safe resource to help remove your tree so you can start your tree-cycling projects today! We offer tree removal and tree felling services throughout Fort Collins, Wellington, and Loveland.