As the experts say, “It’s better to put a $10 tree into a $100 hole than a $100 tree in a $10 hole.” This builds upon the notion that tree care goes much further than the type of tree for which you are caring. You have to take it back to the roots. Back to the place of nutritional growth. Once the roots figure it out, your tree will grow for years and years to beautify the great state of Colorado.

Prepare the Hole

The place you plant your tree is (obviously) the place it will stay forever. Therefore, do it right the first time to prevent extra work in the future. Locate the root flare in your new tree transplant. Dig a hole that is just as deep as the root flare and then twice as wide. The roots expand lengthwise to gain strong foundational support.

 Backfill the Hole

It’s important to keep the topsoil that you removed while preparing the hole. This holds the nutrients from the sunshine and water which will promote great growth and a good start to the care of your tree. You can use some organic soil so long as it is not more than ⅓ of the fill amount.

 Water Your Tree

Seems pretty logical, but worth stating. Water your tree. Every day. Colorado is a dry state (most of the time – this spring has been uncanny). Water your tree thoroughly.


 Trees hate weeds. When you fill in your soil, ensure there is a heavy layer (bark, mulch) that keeps the moisture intact. Do not let weeds grow as they will suck the nutrients from the tree.

 Whether you’re planting new trees or caring for old trees, tree care is at the tip of your fingers with Lumber Jack and Jill. Call today to schedule an appointment — we proudly serve folks throughout Northern Colorado from our hometown of Wellington.