One of the benefits of living in Northern Colorado is the trees that we’re surrounded by. Here in Wellington, we’re lucky enough to have houses that have beautiful trees towering over them. The thing about trees is that most people feel that they require little to no care in order for them to be healthy, but that’s not the case. Though trees require much less maintenance than some other plant types, they do still require some care. Here are a few ways that you can care for your trees to ensure they are healthy. As always, trust Lumber Jack and Jill if your tree requires trimming, fertilizing, or other care services.


It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that watering is one of the ways that you need to be caring for your trees. All plants need water, no matter how small or how tall. You want to start by figuring out how much water your plant needs. This will be based on the moisture conditions of the area that you live in, how often it rains, the location the tree was planted in, and the type of tree.

Though it may take a little bit of research, you’ll be thankful that you have a true understanding of what your trees’ needs are in regards to water.

Protect the Tree’s Bark

The bark of your tree is no different than the greenery — it requires care. Your tree’s bark is the part that protects the tree itself, so it’s crucial that you’re not ignoring the care needs for this specific part of the tree. Protecting the bark is one of the best things that you can do for a tree since it ensures that the tree itself is healthy and stable. This includes making sure that there’s no damage by lawn care supplies, vehicles, toys, and the like.

Aside from that, you’ll want to make sure that you’re checking for any unusual insects, branches that are rubbing, or anyone purposely causing damage to the tree. As harmless as these things might seem in the moment, they can cause long-term damage to a tree and leave it ruined.

Prune Regularly

When trees aren’t properly pruned they can become dangerous, so it’s important that you’re not only doing this on a regular basis but that it’s being done properly. When trees aren’t pruned it can lead to branches breaking, branches rubbing, and low branches. All of these are hazardous, but one of the things that you definitely want to avoid are dead branches. Leaving dead branches on the tree can not only increase the chances of all the points we mentioned earlier, but it can also take a toll on the health of the tree as a whole.


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